Your letters for Dec. 21

John Baird not the response to Conservatives petitions

Re: Nation Needs To Pivot With Our Own Version of Trump, Opinion, Dec. 17

Diane Francis is right on the money that John Baird is Trump’s Canadian doppelgänger. Baird is all around remembered during his residency as Canada’s outside issues serve for requesting gold decorating on his business cards, in opposition to government rules. Baird requested the word Canada stricken from the plan and was unilingual English, both against government arrangement. The greatest sport on the card was then Baird’s own name. In case we overlook, Baird was additionally notable for his assault-style.

Pretentious, entitled and a bloviator with an obsession for gold enhancement is Francis’ top pick for the following government Conservative pioneer. What could turn out badly?

Tom Kerwin, Calgary

The awful choice on alcohol

Has our general public gotten so reliant on liquor that it can’t work without it? It is genuinely disillusioning that the administration will permit offers of liquor on Christmas Day. On the off chance that individuals are so edgy for a beverage, can they not prepare and buy their alcohol preceding? I as of now have mine. Shouldn’t something be said about the staff that trusted or wanted to go through Christmas with their families? This is unimaginable and is a portrayal of the decrease of society around the world.

K. Preston, Calgary

Profound see city accounts required

Re: City specialists a shell game to trick taxpayers, Opinion, Dec. 16

City offices have two camps and they blame one another. One profit. They milk as well as a result of rules and guidelines on their side, not in view of their productivity; and the citizens, organizations, merchants, and licensees can’t retaliate.

The other camp is the individuals who, after a seemingly endless amount of time after a year, with similar pioneers and followers keep the accounts in the red. In any case, insiders are denied to blow the whistle on the cash they squander.

An examiner with a surgical blade is required, not a specialist, for the two camps!

Marcus P Wong, Calgary

Pondering about war

I was doing a school venture with my nine-year-old girl. We investigated the administration’s concept of the ‘war room’.

At the point when I clarified what it was, she said a superior name was the Explanation Room. Great. I recommended the Wonder Room. An opportunity to ponder our future as a people in this area and country. We could ponder about our asset utilizes, new conceivable outcomes and positive potential options in vitality. We don’t have to spend charge dollars, in assaulting others or shielding oil, or time on negative posing. We have to stop that.

I wonder on the off chance that it ought to be known as The Time Out Room. A spot to respite and consider our activities and what we will do to amend our place in the earth. The truth of the matter is, government officials aren’t detestable, oil and gas laborers aren’t malevolent and nor are earthy people. We as a whole need to hold the earth and the economy together for the benefit of all. We have to think about an enduring useful for the future, not protecting the past.

Fire up John Pentland, Calgary

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