Your letters for Dec. 20

Shock medicate plan prohibition having a critical effect on certain seniors

Re: Questions encompass UCP move to cut wards from Alberta seniors’ medication advantage program

As a long-term supporter of the economy of Alberta, I hope to be indicated proper regard from my administration individuals. My better half and I ask Health Minister Tyler Shandro to granddad dependants accepting Alberta Blue Cross medication inclusion until they are qualified for their very own inclusion through the senior’s plan. On account of my significant other and myself, we settled on the choice to not seek after inclusion through her previous manager since she was secured by my arrangement.

The choice to cease her inclusion has caused us passionate and money related pressure. This is going on when my better half is experiencing malignant growth treatment and we are bringing about noteworthy extra expenses for enhancements and assistant treatments that help her chemotherapy. Grandfathering the inclusion is an ethically upstanding activity.

Jim Mullins, Calgary

Sitting tight for a statement of regret

Re: Council individuals flame broil city staff over retirement ‘brilliant handshake’, Dec. 4

The awkwardness of the city chamber is painful. How might it be that the watchmen of the general population satchel were careless in regards to around $4 million every time of hard-earned citizen dollars flying out the entryway to resigning representatives?

Imprint Gottlieb, Calgary

A Referendum Question

Adjusting a financial limit requires thought of both income and expenses. Resolved to hold a submission, Mr. Kenney? Why not something on which the area has ward?

Things being what they are, a proposal: “OK bolster a 3% deals duty to safeguard greatness in government-funded instruction and medicinal services and network wellbeing through policy administration? Indeed or no.”

Consider me a ‘Yes!’

Wayne Stewart, Calgary

The edgy herd to peddlers

There’s a ton of otherworldly intuition going on in common legislative issues. Voters are getting edgy, and when individuals are frantic they’re simple prey for any quick-talking, hot gospeller that needs to be dealt with. Which is the place Jason Kenney and the UCP tent demonstrate comes to town? “Spurn the carbon charge!’ they state. “Cast out those communist evil presences!” “Disavow those insatiable instructors and those high-moving specialists … ”

The thing about otherworldly reasoning is it anticipates quick outcomes. You drink the Kool-Aid or you vote an adjustment in government and things would be wise to change … at the present time! The issue is, after all the agitation and the yelling and the laying on of hands, individuals get up the following morning Grandma still can’t walk it’s as yet an impractical notion to go taking care of snakes.

Which leaves ahead with two choices: Slide away under the front of murkiness or twofold down, start lecturing more enthusiastically and discover a few witches to copy. War Room anybody? Reasonable Deal Alberta? Brexit?

We’re not at the purpose of campfires in the Legislature parking area, however missing any lucid arrangement other than cut, cut, cut, fault, fault, fault, it’s not feasible.

Ken Sears, Lethbridge

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