Realtors gift commissions to hungry food bank

While Santa utilizes a stack to convey Christmas presents, Chris Matlashewski is utilizing an entire house to light up Calgarians’ days off.

The real estate agent and three partners at Royal LePage Mission are vowing to reserve 25 percent of their December bonuses as a blessing to the Calgary Food Bank.

It’s a crusade the four commenced with a Burma shave, or sign-holding, at the edge of Edmonton Trail and Memorial Drive N.E. on Dec. 4, with a notice perusing “will sell the home for nourishment.”

About seven days after the fact, said Matlashewski, two properties were on the deals or buy a square, and ought to acquire a sum of $2,800 for the nourishment philanthropy.

“We’re getting some footing, we’ve had a few requests,” he said.

“Our expectation is whatever does close this month, some portion of that will go to the nourishment bank — however, we’d even now make a gift in any case.”

On Dec. 23, the real estate agents satisfied that strategic displaying a $3,700 check to the Calgary Food Bank.

The exertion likewise grabbed the eye of in any event one customer who chose to join their motivation, said Matlashewski.

“She said she’d prefer to make a gift to help top that (commission gift) up,” he said.

The real estate professional said his gathering has led nourishment drives for the philanthropy in the past however chose to allow contrastingly this year.

“We pulled back on that and chose to perceive how we can use our time this year while proceeding to sell homes for a constructive outcome,” said Matlashewski.

“We’re not boosting individuals to purchase with us, it’s only a reason we have confidence in. It’s what we like about Calgary, we have a benevolent sense.”

Each dollar raised for the Calgary Food Bank is utilized to $5 and is viewed as the best method to give, he included.

Yet, he said a Grinch in their arrangement is a moderate lodging market in the customarily lukewarm land month of December.

“It’s generally the slowest season paying little mind to blast or bust . . . (venders) must be sensible about their evaluating however there are purchasers out there lined up with that estimating,” he said.

As of Nov. 30, it would take four months by and large to sell a disengaged home if no all the more lodging stock was being fabricated, he said.

“We’re not seeing a decent market,” he said.

The battling economy that is influencing the land showcase has brought about the Calgary Food Bank managing a heavier customer load than it ever has, said, representative Shawna Ogston.

“Year-over-year, we’re up against another 15 percent,” she said.

Last December, the nourishment bank passed out 7,500 hampers — a number that could arrive at 8,000 this month, said Ogston.

Luckily, she said the quantity of gift battles all through the city has expanded, with more than 700 of them propelled for this present year.

“There are such a large number of ways individuals are meeting up to get things going,” said Ogston.

She said the real estate professionals’ endeavors are quite valued while being endeavored at a difficult season.

“We’re trusting deals aren’t unreasonably slow for them,” she said.

Nourishment bank authorities state they’ve seen little reprieve sought after since vitality costs plunged five years prior.

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