Greta Bar plays games, serves dinner to 250 guests from Calgary’s Mustard Seed

To spread Christmas cheer and giving, a Beltline bar and arcade facilitated a night out for around 250 individuals encountering vagrancy and destitution.

Beautiful lights flashed and arcade games rang as visitors from The Mustard Seed, nearby philanthropy and asylum, were blessed to receive a full supper, complimentary non-mixed drinks and boundless free games at

on Monday. The night offered individuals from home structures and haven the endowment of regularity for these special seasons.

“The greater part of these visitors would not be encountering the ordinary occasion exercises that you and I and numerous Calgary families will be sharing as of now. This enables them to encounter something that we as a whole have the benefit of encountering,” said Andrew Gusztak, volunteer administration chief with The Mustard Seed.

“At the asylum, they’re accustomed to arranging and being served a particular way, so when they can proceed to take a seat at a café it brings back that poise of the existence they used to have or will have some time in the not so distant future.”

The Mustard Seed and Greta Bar staff messed around and imparted snickers to the visitors at the arcade and bar.

“Greta Bar sees the need in the network and gives back dependent on what they’ve seen and experienced, which is the thing that network is about,” said Gusztak.

George Anstee evaluates the electronic ball game as GRETA Bar and The Mustard Seed offer supper and boundless free games at Greta Arcade, Bar and Street nourishment in Calgary, Ab., on Monday, December 23, 2019. Mike Drew/Postmedia

Chris Jamieson, overseeing accomplice at Greta Bar, said the occasion was tied in with drawing in with their neighbors.

“We are in the matter of cordiality, and we think welcoming our neighbors in from the cold around the special seasons is the most ideal way we can show our gratefulness and associate with them,” said Jamieson.

Greta Bar gift vouchers bought during December are being coordinated by the business as gifts to The Mustard Seed, which will assist work with minding bundles of winter garments, toiletries, and critical winter things.

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