‘Another doofus move’: Some councillors resist call to eliminate transition allowance

A few individuals from the city chamber are pushing back against a trio of associates who need to wipe out progress remittances for Calgary’s chosen authorities.

On Tuesday, Coun. Jeromy Farkas said he intends to advance notification of movement at gathering’s Dec. 16 gathering,

that permits councilors to gather a total of cash when they leave the open office.

Under the city’s present approach, each councilor is qualified for getting that stipend on the off chance that they resign, are crushed in a city political decision or are chosen for another request for the government.

The movement has the help of individual councilors Joe Magliocca and Sean Chu.

Each councilor’s recompense relies upon to what extent they have served in office, developing at the pace of about fourteen days of pay for every time of administration, to a limit of one entire year of pay.

Chamber’s most senior dynamic part, Ray Jones, who is at present serving his ninth term, would be qualified to acquire $113,325.63 — the greatest passable payout — on the off chance that he is no longer in office following the 2021 city political race, as per a Postmedia information examination. Jones

this will be his last term.

Coun. Diane Colley-Urquhart would be in line for the following greatest payout, at $91,532, trailed by Coun. Druh Farrell at $87,174.

Civic chairman Naheed Nenshi would be qualified for $84,863 should he leave office in 2021.

Farkas said for this present week that he has declined the $17,368 progress stipend accessible to him as a one-term councilor.

Jones said it is out of line to expel the change remittance halfway through the present gathering term.

“It’s been set up for more than 20 years,” he said. “I can see doing it by the beginning of the following board since that way the individuals coming in realize they have no desires, yet to do it to individuals that have just been there, I don’t believe it’s correct.”

A week ago, new individuals from a

entrusted with analyzing committee pay held their first gathering, commencing an almost year-long procedure of concocting proposals encompassing remuneration.

The Council Compensation Review Committee is answerable for making suggestions for gathering about its compensation, annuity, benefits and different types of compensation, including potential changes to the progress recompense for active councilors.

In an email, a representative for Nenshi said choices encompassing the change stipend ought to be left to the volunteer gathering.

“(Nenshi’s) been reliable that chamber ought not to have a state in their own remuneration and that any progressions ought to be driven by the volunteer Council Compensation Review Committee,” Adam Noble-Johnson composed.

Jones concurred, scrutinizing the purpose of the volunteer advisory group if Farkas’ movement were to pass.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea why we have a Council Compensation Review Committee to audit our compensation and our advantages and stuff that way in case we’re simply going to make arbitrary contemplations out there,” said Jones. “We experienced an agonizing procedure to get these five individuals ready and we were going to leave it in their grasp and now this comes up.”

In 2017, volunteer individuals who served on the board at the time suggested a few changes, including the end of progress recompenses for chose authorities. That proposal was dismissed by gathering.

Coun. Shane Keating called Farkas’ proposition “another goofball move.”

Be that as it may, he said he might want to see changes to the standards encompassing the recompense, especially regarding what amount active councilors gather.

“You needn’t bother with about fourteen days for a long time. You just need a change, not an entire singular amount of money when you leave,” he said.

Keating said he likewise accepts that not all councilors ought to be qualified.

“In case you’re more than 65 and you really quit alone — in fact, you’re resigning — at that point you don’t generally require the progress recompense,” he said.

Yet, he said the arrangement ought to stay for other people, who need professional stability when they leave the office. He noticed that councilors can’t gather work protection once they leave the position, nor would they be able to begin scanning for a new position, for moral reasons, until they’re authoritatively out of open office.

“Due to the interesting conditions of a chosen authority, there must be something, in my brain, for a simple change in specific conditions,” Keating said.

“It enables you to go from (chamber) a few months to recover your feet on the ground and get a new line of work and proceed onward.”


As per a Postmedia information investigation, current individuals from the board would be qualified for the accompanying change remittances should they never again hold open office past the 2021 civil political decision. Estimations depend on

as indicated by the City of Calgary: $200,586.40 for the chairman and $113,325.63, each, for councilors.

Postmedia mentioned check of the figures from the City of Calgary both Wednesday and Thursday however didn’t promptly get remark.

Naheed Nenshi: $84,863

Ward Sutherland: $34,869

Joe Magliocca: $34,869

Jyoti Gondek: $17,435

Sean Chu: $34,869

George Chahal: $17,435

Jeff Davison: $17,435

Druh Farrell: $87,174

Evan Woolley: $34,869

Gian-Carlo Carra: $47,945

Beam Jones: $113,325.63

Jeromy Farkas: $17,435

Shane Keating: $47,945

Diane Colley-Urquhart: $91,532

Subside Demong: $47,945

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