It can be tempting to purchase new knife blocks. They’re affordable and come with a variety of kitchen knives that you may or may not use. Often times there is no need to purchase a chopping block set as not many people actually have a use for all the knives and side pieces that come along with the set.

However, most times these sets have proven to be more cost-effective. If you walk into a department store such as TJ Max or Ross you can buy a set for as cheap as $20.00 USD. But at the same, you can also walk in and purchase your knives one piece at a time and it may just save you having to store knives you may never use.

But how do you know which knives are necessary for you? According to Pcn Chef reviews, universal to most kitchens there are 4 knives that are beneficial to any stage chef/cooks. A chef knife, A paring knife, A serrated bread knife and a santoku knife.

A Chef Knife/Santoku Knife

The reason I’ve chosen to join these two together is for the simple reason that they can be purchased together. Your chef knife can also be a santoku knife. Santoku knives are a Japanese style knife that is known for being very sharp and able to cut through almost anything. Chef knives come in all shapes, sizes, finished and price points. Understand what size is up to the user and how large their hands are. Once the preferred sizing is determined to price and make can all fall under this. (Read more in here)

A Paring Knife

IN my opinion, just as equally important as your chef knife and may even be used just as much. The paring knife similarly can run you as much as your chef knife. However, there is no need for this as you can get away with purchasing a cheaper paring knife. The knives are used to pit fruits and cut buds of off vegetables. They can even be used to cut smaller foods to be added to your cooking. You could say that purchasing a peeler may make a paring knife useless but a peeler may not be able to pit your fruits for you as well.

A Bread Knife

These days not many are really cutting bread other than the baker. But if you are someone that likes to make Italian dishes in your home you may be making your fair share of garlic bread. Bread knives are designed to effectively cut bread without tearing giving it a clean look for better presentation. Though not as necessary as a chef knife and paring knife this is another that has provided to be useful in any kitchen.

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