The ability to make our own juice whether it is fruit or vegetable juice is not something new to us, in fact juicers have been around for decades upon decades now in some form or another. However, in recent years attitudes towards healthy eating (and drinking in this case) have improved quite substantially. This has led to juicing never being as popular as it is today.

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New Juicing ? New Juicers ?

Advancements in technology has also helped as well. We no longer have to spin our oranges on those funny looking plastic molds and can instead let fancy looking machines do all the hard work instead. However, due to this increase in technology and popularity, there are countless different juicers on the market to choose from and it can be difficult knowing which of them are the best and which of them would suit our needs better.

Many of you will be wondering “Just how do you find the top juicers on the market?”. Well like buying anything else, it just takes a little homework rather than heading to an appliance store and buying whatever machine the salesperson tells you to. They are paid to sell you stuff, some so good they could sell ice to an Eskimo in fact. Instead of believing what these salespeople tell you, you should be forming you own opinions from your own research online.

This is exactly what we are going to be helping you with in this short guide. We will be giving you tips on what you should be doing in order to find the best juicers on the market.

Do Your Homework on the Different Types of Juicers

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What you first have to consider is that there are a number of different types of juicers out there. Some will be louder and faster than others, others will take a bit longer but will be quiet and more efficient, while some will be designed to be more effective on specific fruits and vegetables. The more knowledge you can arm yourself with before looking for your first juicer, the better.

The two most popular juicers are the either centrifugal and masticating. Those are some pretty technical words right? Well, though they sound pretty confusing, once you know the difference between them and the juicers they represent, its quite easy to differentiate between each of them.

Centrifugal juicers essentially shred anything that is put into them and then separate the pulp from the juice using a spinning motion. These will suit people that are always on the go and want their juice done quickly. The quality of juice is not as good as what you might get from masticating juicers but this is the compromise you take for the quicker results. in fact, the juice will have to be drunk within 15 minutes unless being put in the fridge because juice from this kind of juicer oxidizes pretty quickly.

Masticating juicers on the other hand use slow rotating augers to crush and chew the fruit and vegetables fed to them. This is all done at just 80 – 100 RPMs which not only results in a much better yield of juice but that juice also suffers very minimal oxidization. This type of juicer is known for delivering better quality all round but at the expense of time. it does save time in other ways though, such as not requiring much pre-chopping of the fruits and veggies as they can take larger lumps of them.

Now that you have a better understanding of what the main types of juicers on the market do, you are now ready to get to the next stages regarding finding the top juicers on the market.

Read Juicer Reviews


We have a huge information database at our fingertips which you will obviously know as the internet. We can use it to research any products that we are interested in buying and reading reviews and customer feedback from those that have already made the purchase themselves.

You will always get the odd review of a popular product that does not align with others but you should be able to work out which juicers are proving to be the most popular among customers.

Compare Juicer Prices

Once you have established what type of juicer you want depending on how often you are going to use it, what food you will be using it for, and have also narrowed down your search to a select few, the final step is to compare prices. You will know what your budget is, so now just have to look around for the best deals before making a final decision.

What you do have to consider is that some will offer longer warranties than others, so this can be a major selling point. Warranties can be offered anywhere between 5 – 20 years, so the one with the longest warranty out of your potential purchases might be the best to go for.

That is about it really! The more you put into your homework, the better informed you are about what juicer is right for you and your budget. Never just buy the first one that you see, and never assume that they are all the same. By using our guide above you will hopefully be united with a juicer to help you stay healthy for many years to come.

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