How I Got The Best Espresso Maker Deal

Tips on getting the top espresso machine

As I check out top rated espresso machine reviews, I noticed brands like Delonghi, Krups and Gaggia popping up over and over again. These espresso machines were supposed to be the best espresso machines of 2017 but their insane price tag was way out of my budget. Not to mention, I had to get a burr grinder too. All I really needed was a good espresso maker to help me explore the art of brewing.

I began getting impatient. There were just so many variables to consider. It may have been the impulse or the excitement but I was certain that I needed to get my espresso machine soon. So began the countless hours of research and sieving through reviews on the net. There were some really great sites that had really informative espresso maker reviews. Reviews aimed at beginners to help them understand what they are getting themselves into.

The Best Espresso Machine Combo Deal

Delonghi EC702

The one model that kept appearing was the Delonghi EC702. Some sites called it the best semi-auto espresso machine under $200 and others called it the best espresso maker under $200. With so much flattery, I was convinced that the Delonghi EC702 was going to be my choice. For the burr grinder I kinda cut a few corners. Well it was a simple machine to begin with. All this contraption needed to do was produce evenly ground coffee powder from coffee beans(It was really cheap too). It was simple logic really, since it was tried and tested by so many other customers it was bound to be a good buy. I ended up purchasing the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder.

I didn’t really know what to expect since I’ve seen neither of these machines in real life. In my next post I’ll share my first hand experience of what happened when I unboxed each of them.

The Day My Espresso Machine + Grinder Arrived

UPS delivered my parcel the very next day(Amazon was as quick as ever, No complaints there). Like a happy toddler on Christmas day, I unboxed my parcel and found both my Espresso machine and Burr Grinder.

Let’s begin with the beautiful Delonghi EC702. Even though this was my first espresso machine, it didn’t take an experienced barista to see how well built this machine was. It had a sturdy stainless steel construction. There were no dents or scratches(UPS did an excellent job this time). I flipped open the manual to see what perks this espresso machine brought me. It had a milk frother, a dual function filter holder that works with both ground coffee and pods, a 15-bar tank pressure, a water tank and even a cup heater.

It Needs A Few Tries

I was absolutely stumped. It seemed that it was going to be quite a challenge to even operate one of these semi-autos. So I looked followed the instruction manual to the key. My first cuppa was supposed to be filled with the taste of accomplishment. But, my masterpiece sucked. It had a metallic taste. Serves me right for not following what other users said. Many of the reviews I read stressed that I’d have to break the machine in with some low quality coffee grind to get rid of the metallic taste. Anyway, after the first few shots, the taste significantly improved. Note, this was me just following the instruction manual that came with the espresso machine.

Use Real Quality Coffee Beans

I haven’t tried using real coffee beans. I didn’t have the time to get to the store to purchase some Italian roast. I really plan to get some the next time I go out shopping. And milk. Milk is extremely important. How else am I going to try out the milk frother?

A Great Choice For Beginners

There was also a cappuccino recipe in the manual that I wanted to try out. It was a little tricky at first. And you’d probably want a super automatic if you get frustrated easily. To me, using this machine was like riding a bike, you’ll get the hang of it …. Eventually. I really think the EC 702 would make an excellent home espresso machine for those of you that appreciate a good cup of coffee. It isn’t that pricey and you’ll most likely want an upgrade once you hone your skills but it’s a good place to start.